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Chomping at Bits: Florida ranked No. 6 in college sports in 2014-15 revenue

The Gators are also third in the SEC.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

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Florida No. 6 in college sports in revenue: At just over $147 million in 2014-15, Florida ranks behind just Lone Star State titans Texas A&M and Texas, Big Ten powerhouses Ohio State and Michigan, and Alabama. And while the Gators' revenues were likely up because of donations to make the indoor practice facility a reality and get the O'Dome renovation started, their subsidy was smaller than Alabama's, and those two capital projects combined aren't nearly as massive as the renovation of Kyle Field that helped swell Texas A&M's coffers. (USA TODAY Sports)

Former Florida assistant Jack Hall dies: Hall was part of Doug Dickey's staff, and a mainstay in Gainesville. (Scott Carter, Florida Gators)

SEC baseball season headed to home stretch: Florida and South Carolina seem poised to vie for the East title. (Christopher Novak, Team Speed Kills)

Comparing the Warriors to the 2008 Gators: Didn't really expect Florida to be mentioned alongside Golden State, but Chip Patterson drew the parallel. (CBS Sports)

Three keys for beating Georgia and Tennessee: Psst: It's April. #content (Brady Ackerman, Gridiron Now)

How Billy Donovan has changed the Thunder: One thing that stood out: They're limiting threes. (Royce Young, ESPN)

How Minecraft is shaping a generation: It's crazy to think that Minecraft is the most important video game to a generation the way, like, GoldenEye was. (Clive Thompson, The New York Times Magazine)

James Franco goes toe-to-toe with an art critic: This is fascinating, and it is terrifying that Franco apparently reads everything. (Vulture)

This space was going to be a link to a political article: And then I decided I'd rather have a lower blood pressure on this Tuesday, so I'm gonna pitch it in this week's open thread.

Your Gators moments of zen: Poor Amanda Butler's chin.

I've never seen Tanked, but Titus O'Neil — who should be back from an impossibly stupid WWE suspension soon — was on it, and getting a Gator Head.

Your non-Gators moment of zen: I've intentionally watched exactly zero seconds of Game of Thrones (I know), but this video of Sophie Turner "singing" "Hello" as Jon Snow and then really going after a lip-synced version of Justin Bieber's (awful) tweak of The Cardigans' perfect "Lovefool" makes me grin broadly. I assume Sansa Stark is not precisely like this — but if she were, I'd have HBO.

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