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Man fires gun in highway chase, crashes into LSU lakes after comments on Gators shirt

Don't be this guy, please.

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

A cautionary tale for your Friday evening: Even if you are thoroughly proud to be a Florida Gator, do not let drunken pride allow you to behave like a moron, as Everett Beauchamp allegedly did late Thursday night in Baton Rouge.

You might end up driving into a lake.

Via The (Baton Rouge) Advocate:

A bachelor’s party at a Baton Rouge club early Friday morning was cut short after a comment on a stranger’s Florida Gators attire led to a car chase and a drive-by shooting.

Everett L. Beauchamp IV, 32, was at The Penthouse Club on Bennington Avenue around 2:15 a.m. when one of six men at a bachelor’s party made an unwanted comment on Beauchamp’s Florida Gators gear, the Baton Rouge Police Department report says.

In response, Beauchamp picked up a stool at the valet entrance to the club and tried to assault the man who made the comment, but he was stopped.

That was stupid. From there, though, Beauchamp also threatened to fetch a gun from his car, then proceeded to get into his car and follow the rude celebrants onto I-10. And then it got really, truly reprehensible:

The men exited at Essen Lane, only to get back onto I-10 going westbound, at which point Beauchamp tried to ram his vehicle into theirs.

Beauchamp followed them onto the interstate and as they reached the I-10 westbound, I-12 eastbound loop Beauchamp opened fire on their vehicle, striking the vehicle once under the driver’s side taillight.


Shortly before 3 a.m. uniform patrolers found an impaired Beauchamp and his vehicle after he drove his truck into the LSU Lakes at East Lakeshore near Stanford Avenue, according to the report.

Beauchamp told police he had consumed between eight and 10 Corona beers, the report says. A breath test revealed that his blood alcohol level was 0.19.

Beauchamp was booked into Parish Prison on an array of charges, and his life is probably going to be much, much worse from this point on than it had been to this point because he was drunk and decided to fight someone who said something about his shirt.

Let this be a lesson to us all: Some insults are worth ignoring, and fandom should only go so far.