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Video: Florida speedster Buddy Reed steals home vs. Georgia

We don't call him Speed Reed for nothing.

"The 0-1 to Maldonado ... COMIN' HOME!"

Florida already led Georgia 3-0 in the bottom of the first inning in the second game of a three-game set with the Bulldogs on Friday night when Nelson Maldonado came to the plate. But Buddy Reed, who laced a single from the No. 5 hole to drive home the game's first run earlier in the inning, decided that he couldn't wait on the rest of the Florida offense to get him home, and bolted home for the fourth and final run of the inning.

Reed's tremendous speed is one of the many traits that has made him a candidate to go very early — even No. 1, perhaps — in the 2016 MLB Draft. Florida has given him the green light to run in 2016: His swipe of home was his 19th stolen base of the year.

But the green light was on for the entire inning for the Gators. They recorded two other stolen bases on a double steal earlier in the frame, and Reed only got to third — without being credited for a stolen base — because of another double steal attempt that erased Jonathan India at second.