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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. XIII

Is Florida's best playmaker on his way back to the team?

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Normally, I wouldn't bury news in an open thread, but, well, I'm not entirely sure this is news: Florida's Antonio Callaway posted two Instagrams on Monday that sure seemed to suggest that he'll be with the Gators at some point — if he isn't already.

In the first, posted early Monday afternoon, Callaway called Jim McElwain "the man with the plan," and throws a goat emoji — for the Greatest of All Time backronym popularized by that 2000 LL Cool J album — on the end to boot. In the second, we got the first picture of Callaway in Florida apparel on his Instagram in six weeks, and one of just two since the Gators' bowl game.

That second picture was geotagged to the Overtown Youth Center in Miami, so it's obviously not the same as Callaway showing off a Gator Head-emblazoned shirt in Florida's indoor practice facility. But it was Callaway wearing Florida colors in an apparently recent picture.

Callaway has since deleted both posts, and posted a new picture directing followers to a new Instagram account. But they existed, and were embedded here, for the better part of two days.

And taking either or both as confirmation was and is reading a lot into a pair of pictures posted on a social medium, especially given that we're not 100 percent sure that account is Callaway's. But there have also been promising recent message board-based whispers about Callaway's status, and his chances of returning to Florida after a university suspension that lawyer Huntley Johnson said was rooted in an allegation that "has no merit," something that diverges from the rather amazing lack of leaks about the subject from a program that has managed to be as tight-lipped about this as any story I've been aware of in my five years working as Alligator Army's editor.

I've checked with my usual sources on this and found nothing, though I did hear not long ago — though prior to these whispers — that there was some sentiment within the program that Callaway would ultimately depart from Florida, and it seems worth mentioning that a more pensive Callaway Instagram post from earlier in April drew a response from Florida State wideout Ermon Lane, of all people, whom Callaway responded to in kind.

For now, though, it seems more likely that when Callaway does eventually leave the university for good, it will be as an early entrant into the NFL Draft.

Oh, and in case you're curious: No one's even talking about Treon Harris.

As always, the Weekly Open Thread is yours for discussing whatever. (If something actually changes with Callaway on a reportable level, I'll report it.)