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Florida burnishes #EverythingSchool credentials with full slate of top-10 teams

The Gators celebrated a neat feat on social media on Tuesday.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Florida's fantastic Sunday, in which the Gators hauled in three conference titles in the span of just over an hour, was one of the better days for the Gators on the field of what is shaping up to be a wildly successful spring season. On Tuesday, the Gators had an even better day online, thanks to new sets of rankings that installed every Florida team in season in the top 10 of its national poll.

Despite the frankly hideous #F10rida hashtag used to celebrate that, it's obviously a very cool feat, and one that I'm relatively certain no other school nationally can match. No program in the top 10 of the final winter Directors' Cup standings — about which more later, either Wednesday afternoon or Thursday — but Florida has a top-10 baseball team, with Michigan coming closest at No. 15 in this week's NCBWA poll, and the Wolverines are also the only Directors' Cup top-10 program with a top-10 softball team.

And that's one sport. Florida has seven other top-10 teams at the moment, with its men's tennis team surprising with a run to the SEC Tournament title that vaulted it to No. 9 in the polls to give the only team without a top-10 ranking as of last week a new perch.

It's also not the highest total of top-10 Florida teams at one moment, just a likely high-water mark for the first week of spring sports. Florida obviously had nine top-10 teams in season as of just two weeks ago, when its No. 2 gymnastics team was flipping toward the Super Six, and when I coined #EverythingSchool as a sobriquet for the Gators' dominant athletic program in February 2014, that came with 10 top-10 teams.

It's arguable whether the top tier of teams was better then or now. Florida's three No. 1 outfits then were its men's basketball team, which finished the year in the Final Four, a men's swimming team that would make a run at a national title, and a softball team that won its first national championship that year.

Now, the Gators of the softball diamond head up a trio of No. 1s as a two-time defending champion, while Florida's women's tennis team has stormed back from a brief dip into the teens of the national rankings to take No. 1 and the Gators baseball team hums along as the nation's presumptive title favorite.

But the fact that we can discuss multiple spans during the past three years in which Florida has minted nine or 10 top-10 squads is incredible. The idea that the SEC Network can tout two No. 1 Florida teams and get chirped in its mentions for forgetting a third and a No. 2 lacrosse team is absurd.

The Gator Nation is everywhere. And right now, the state of the nation is awesome.