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Keanu Neal, Jake McGee have Twitter fun with SB Nation's Mocking The Draft

Oh, man.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Some of the greatest stories of our time are told on Twitter. There was that one guy who live-tweeted a hockey game, the slow decline of venerated scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson into a fact dispensary, and then there was Will Hill. But one of the best stories of the night of the NFL Draft was the gentle sonning of Mocking the Draft's Dan Kadar for his skepticism on Keanu Neal's NFL stock.

It started back in April.

But while that was forgotten by some before Thursday night, Kadar didn't forget. Many Florida fans didn't forget. And neither did Neal teammate and best Florida cheerleader of all time Jake McGee.

Then, well, the most inevitable thing of 2016 happened.

In seriousness, everyone involved seems to have taken this in light spirits. And that's good to see, because the other story unfolding on Twitter on this draft night sure doesn't seem as ripe for innocent chuckles.