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Florida's Jake McGee, Brian Poole to sign contracts as undrafted free agents

Florida's undrafted players will have to take different routes to Sunday.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Florida tight end Jake McGee and cornerback Brian Poole were both passed up during the 2016 NFL Draft, going undrafted by the league's 32 teams after the end of Saturday's seventh round. That doesn't mean they won't be NFL players, though — and both of them have free agent contracts lined up, reportedly.

In McGee's case, that report is coming from the man himself.

The Panthers have never drafted a Gator, but McGee wouldn't be the first to stick on the roster — and, of course, former Gator Cam Newton could use some backup behind Greg Olsen at tight end.

Poole, meanwhile, has been more publicly pensive, despite advocating for his selection.

Per a report from First Coast News' Mike Kaye, he is likely headed to the Falcons.

That move would reunite him in the secondary with first-rounder Keanu Neal, and with Dan Quinn, whom Poole played for as a freshman in 2012 when Quinn served as Florida's defensive coordinator.