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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. XV

What do you want to see?

Doug Benc/Getty Images

This week's Weekly Open Thread delayed by logistics for flying to see my sister's graduation. I love my siblings deeply, but am okay with them going a few years without life events that necessitate me giving up entire days to travel, y'know?

We're about to enter the summer doldrums, a time in which most sites focused on college sports spend their time stimulating paid subscribers with breathless reporting about what the tertiary recruiting staff members who serve as their sources and / or aggregating even the least important things said to other people or written at other outlets that could be tangentially related to the teams they cover.

I am disinclined to do either, because a) the nuts-and-bolts reporting on recruiting is just not something that is in my wheelhouse, because the (admittedly hard!) work of talking to 17-year-olds about their futures with 35-year-olds' interests in their answers in mind is not something I'm really inclined to do when I don't need to sell subscriptions and b) holy hell, if I have to write something at length explaining why, say, I'm always going to trust Football Study Hall over the Football Power Index, I might tear my cuticles entirely out before it gets published.

What we do have on the docket for this summer — a preview / review series from a new writer that I'm excited about, plenty of baseball and softball coverage, Olympics writing, some navel-gazing on commenting on the Internet (to include an actual formal commenting policy!), and some other ideas that I want to pursue — excites me. But it's not enough, because nothing ever is, and because I want to serve you, the readers, as well as a free blog can.

So I ask you: What do you want to read?