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Buddy Reed scores go-ahead run after getting caught in a run down

The always-entertaining Buddy Reed pulled off another incredible feat.

With the Gators trailing Vanderbilt 2-1 in the bottom of the seventh inning, with runners on first and third, Deacon Liput drove a ball off the top of the right field wall.

The man on third walked into home, as Buddy Reed furiously rounded the bases behind him. As the relay throw came in from right field, Reed found himself caught in a run down between third base and home plate. Most baseball players would stay in the run down long enough for the runner behind them to advance to the next base and promptly give themselves up, but Buddy Reed is not most baseball players.

Instead, Reed kept sprinting as long as he could, and when Vanderbilt's Jordan Sheffield gave one extra pump fake before throwing the ball back to home plate, it gave Reed the tiny window he needed.

As the ball was thrown behind Reed, he dove headfirst into home, and extended his arm to swipe the plate, giving the Gators a 3-2 lead.