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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. XVI

Come and discuss things!


Welcome to another edition of the Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread. As usual, this thread is a place to discuss whatever you would like (cars, music, movies, fishing, herpetology?) within reason. There is no need to stay on topic (there is no topic!).

As we enter summertime, what are you excited about, regarding the Gators or otherwise? Baseball? Softball? Billy D and the Thunder in the NBA Conference Finals? Or are you waiting on pins and needles for football season? It is that time of year where there is no new football news and dozens of preseason lists are made (and Tennessee gets ranked in the top 10 and picked to win the East!).

Are you excited about any summer vacations that you may have planned? Summer holidays? For those of us still living in Florida, are you looking forward to the sweltering heat that is about to greet us on a daily basis? (I am not!)