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Are Florida's Jalen Tabor and Chad Ochocinco going 1-on-1 this weekend?

The ascendant Gator and former NFL star may meet on the field.

NCAA Football: Florida Spring Game Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Jalen Tabor might be the best cornerback in college football next season. He might also get to prove his skills against one of the best NFL wide receivers of the millennium this weekend, as Cincy Jungle points out.

Tabor and Ochocinco had a back-and-forth about the prospect of meeting on the field in April.

Early Friday, Tabor reissued the challenge, sort of.

Ochocinco appears to be in Atlanta this weekend, which isn't so far that Tabor couldn't get there either from his home state of Maryland or Gainesville...

...but Tabor hasn't tweeted since his Friday morning message, and Ochocinco hasn't tweeted him back. While I imagine we will eventually see some routes run by the former Bengal against the ascendant Gator, I wouldn't count on that happening this weekend.

Ochocinco's history with Florida, while short, is storied. The South Florida native has remained active in football since his retirement from the sport, and met with the team in 2012. He also staged a Twitter-based campaign to be Florida's wide receivers coach while the position remained vacant in 2015, which got us chuckling.