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Florida vs. Coastal Carolina, College World Series open thread: Shore thing

Here's hoping Florida's ace lets us all watch Game 7.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

I turned over this idea I'd had in my head all weekend — a list of reasons to watch Florida's College World Series bow against Coastal Carolina (8 p.m, ESPN2) instead of the climactic Game 7 of a seesawing NBA Finals or a duly hyped episode of Game of Thrones. And they boiled down to me making fun of Game of Thrones, people without second TVs who couldn't have both games on, and people without DVRs who can't just DVR Game of Thrones.

Considering how many people love Thrones, and how many fall into those other two categories, I figured scrapping the list was a better idea.

The basic problem with this night remains: There's no good way to watch just the Gators' attempt to go 1-0 in Omaha and stay apprised of Game 7 and avoid GoT spoilers while still using Twitter. I'm not sure I care about those spoilers, so I'm gonna be on Twitter, and I have a friend who has two TVs, so I'll have that luxury, but the Florida fan stuck with one screen — WatchESPN, good though it is, won't be a second-screen solution until the delay gets fixed, and I've been waiting on that for years — is in a pickle. And she can't just Buddy Reed out of it.

So my proposal to her and to you and y'all is this: Have the baseball game on, and have a friend texting you about Game 7. Flip over at the ends of innings, and hope that Logan Shore's presence on the mound speeds up the game enough to catch the fourth quarter in Oakland.

Or, well, watch LeBron and Steph. Florida's playing again this season, no matter the outcome of this game; those guys won't, and no one's going to snitch on you for being a "bad fan" or anything if you decide the biggest game of the night is more important than the biggest Gators game of the night.

(We're gonna blame y'all if Florida loses, though.)