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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. XX

Is there anything you wouldn't believe Tim Tebow did?

Doug Benc/Getty Images

Tim Tebow occupies a special place in the hearts of Florida fans, and an equally distinctive spot in the whole of the sports world. His name has and always will drive traffic, which is part of why every outlet you have ever read rushed to post on Tebow praying with (and "apparently" "healing," if you listen to the jokes) a sick man on a flight, a story that originated on Facebook and then got picked up by an air travelers' blog before ending up basically everywhere.

The coverage is partly because Tebow is famous — he's still on Good Morning America, and is also now on a Fox reality show — but also because there's virtually nothing (good) he could do that wouldn't be believable. I'd believe Tebow carrying a sick passenger off a plane if medical personnel were slow. I'd believe him rescuing someone from a lake or a burning car.

He's just that compelled to help people. (Pictured above: Tebow and brain tumor survivor Kelly Faughnan, whom he took to the 2009 College Football Awards Show ... and was still talking to in 2011 ... and in 2014.) And though I suspect Tebow and I have deep philosophical and personal divergences of opinion on many things, I also deeply respect his will to help.

So I ask you this, as our question of the week: Is there anything you wouldn't believe Tim Tebow did to help someone?


A second note for today: A formal commenting policy, with a list of rules, is coming.

There is a standard SB Nation policy that is being rolled out later this week or next week, one that we will abide by with some modifications for our community, and it is coming with a promise from higher-ups to make efforts to moderate, with the intent of the moderation being the promotion of better comments and the elimination of trolling and abuse. I think we (speaking for myself, but also for leli, who is a better moderator than I am) do a fine job of promoting the former, but we've obviously also had a variety of issues around trolling and abuse, and I think this policy — one that is sort of superseding the one I was writing up — is going to help dissuade those things.

A few guidelines I want all of us to remember, going forward:

  • While one may fairly think of Alligator Army as a bar for adults, where it is acceptable to sometimes get a little drunk, it is also one in which bouncers will be firm about patrons abiding by the rules.
  • If this is a bar, it's Cheers, not a Jon Taffer special, and the home-y atmosphere we generally have is one we want. Please consider your fellow commenters, especially the familiar ones, longtime patrons, or maybe even family members. Approach them with love and an intent to understand, not hostility.
  • Knowing it all is a fine goal, but it's impossible. Seeking to know it all is a better posture. Try to learn, and to teach when asked, not lecture.
  • Alligator Army is a watering hole for fans of the Florida Gators, and the Gator Nation is everywhere — and everyone. Be aware that we want to keep our doors open to everyone, and that doing so requires making what's inside appeal to the widest possible swath of people, from varying backgrounds and viewpoints.

Have any more you'd like to add? Let us know.