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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. XXI

Where is Florida best?

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Florida's got some depth to work with up and down its roster in 2016, with a four-pack of talented running backs, a new crop of receivers oozing with potential, a slew of defensive linemen both routinely solid and occasionally flashy, and a bumper crop of defensive backs.

Florida's best position group might be harder to determine, though.

While defensive back is the logical choice, we're still going to try to answer the question for ourselves with an extensive set of previews that go position-by-position. Written by new site contributor Eric Ris and yours truly, the pieces will be published daily beginning on Wednesday. By the end of the series, we hope you'll have a better understanding of why we rate Florida's players like we do — and we'll give you a chance to vote on the Gators' best position groups for yourself.


In a first bit of site news for this week (more is coming), I'm on the road for much of the middle of the day today, and leli is out of the office, so to speak, with some Internet issues, so you're all on your own for now.

Please do not burn down the asylum.