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University of Florida police release video leading to arrests of Tyrie Cleveland, Rick Wells

Video shows players shooting into dorm, glass breaking.

The Alligator / University of Florida Police Department

Responding to a records request from The Alligator, Florida's University Police Department has released video from the Springs dorm depicting Gators freshmen Tyrie Cleveland and Rick Wells shooting BB guns at and into the dorm, breaking windows, in a July incident.

The above GIF shows one angle in which Cleveland (in dreadlocks) opens a door to Springs while Wells (in hat) fires BB pellets — from a weapon that looks very much like a handgun — into the building.

The video published by The Alligator includes a longer clip from a north camera in which both players open a door propped open by a third person, and pull out their weapons and either fire or merely point their weapons at him — followed by that person emerging from Springs and walking off with Cleveland.

A different south camera angle shows shots that leave three panes of glass webbed with cracks, but not either Cleveland or Wells.

The video doesn't look any better or worse than I expected, frankly, and what I see after watching both longer videos is juvenile horsing around with BB guns — if the third unidentified person is who Cleveland and Wells were shooting at, it sure seems as if he knew they weren't shooting more dangerous firearms at him — that results in significant property damage.

Cleveland and Wells were arrested in the early morning hours on July 25, and face multiple felony charges.