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How to buy the Florida Gators-themed Train Speed 4 shoes in Nike's "Week Zero" collection

Florida makes another cut for a specialty line of Nike sneakers.

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Following the ultra-popular "Week Zero" collection of Nike Trainer 5.0 shoes released in 2015, the athletic apparel giant is releasing another "Week Zero" collection of shoes custom-made for fans of certain Nike-sponsored college football teams — including the Florida Gators, who touted their Train Speed 4s on Twitter on Monday.

Here's how the esteemed Nike Blog describes the shoe's construction:

The acclaimed Train Speed 4, with its inner-bootie construction and wide-open webbed exterior, is the canvas for the Swoosh’s latest round of school spirit. Contrast school colors converge at the midfoot on each pair, with each college’s iconic logo appearing on the tongue and another college-specific graphic(s) emblazoned on the heel. On either insole, more university graphics are emblazoned, cementing the stunning academic aesthetics.In the case of the Gators-themed Train Speed 4, that logo on the exterior of the tongue is the script Gators, the college-specific graphic on the heel is a gator-scale print, and the university graphic on the insole appears to be just Florida in the program's modern slanted print font. On the interior of the tongue, the words Rowdy Reptiles are printed in a familiar Nike font that is also italicized.

Florida fans can buy the shoes — which are retailing for $110, less than the $120 the Week Zero Nike Trainer 5.0 shoes sold for in 2015 — online, as they are now on sale through the official Florida Gators shop,, and Eastbay. Those who want them may want to act fast: The Trainer 5.0s sold out within weeks, and resellers were asking for exorbitant prices of up to $100 more than retail on eBay for much of last fall.

But the long game might also work: Nike mysteriously relisted the shoes on its website this spring, then reduced the price of the Trainer 5.0s to under $100, and I nabbed a pair of the Trainer 5.0s at the Champs Sports in the Oaks Mall for $60 in July 2016.

All images above via the Florida Gators official store.