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Florida wide receiver Antonio Callaway expected to be eligible, per report

This doesn't change much, but it's something.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Florida wide receiver Antonio Callaway is expected to be eligible to practice and play with the Gators this fall, according to a report from The Gainesville Sun's Robbie Andreu.

While Andreu's reporting obviously doesn't shed any more light on Callaway's alleged student conduct code violation — one of the greatest mysteries or unreported stories on the Florida beat in years, depending on your perspective — it does stand as the first bit of substantive reporting from a legitimate outlet indicating a positive outcome is likely for Callaway, and it's the first reporting I've seen to indicate a timeline on a decision for Callaway.

Callaway has been suspended since January, though that suspension was not confirmed until March. Callaway's lawyer, Huntley Johnson, said in March that there was "no good reason this investigation was not closed," and has continued to advocate for Callaway both in the system and in the press since, though he modified his stance slightly in June, when Callaway was allowed to return to classes and workouts with the football program.

I wrote in April that there had been positive message board whispers on Callaway dating back to at least then, and wrote earlier this week that signs were pointing to Callaway's eventual return, but I have heard very little throughout this process, as Florida and sources around the team have been as tight-lipped on Callaway's status as anything in my memory on the beat.

Andreu's reporting — and Wednesday's dawn of fall camp — suggests to me that we will have a full and official statement on Callaway's status, if not a final one, quite soon.