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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. XXVII

Week 2 was good to those in orange, not blue.

Kentucky v Florida Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

So, uh, Saturday was fun, right?

The Gators showed out in The Swamp and while Kentucky is probably (definitely) sort of really bad, isn’t that the type of performance you want to see against “bad” teams?

We saw a suffocating defense that held the Wildcats to a putrid 149 yards of total offense. Into the fourth quarter, Florida DBs had more catches than Kentucky receivers (and they finished tied – three picks for our secondary, three catches for their receivers). The Gators had five sacks, Alex Anzalone personally forced the Wildcats’ first three-and-out, and the defense kept the Wildcats out of the endzone until there was just over four minutes left in the game.

More excitingly (and I say that just because we have seen great defensive performances often of late) was that the offense was outstanding. Luke Del Rio passed for 320 yards, which is the most by a Florida quarterback in an SEC game since Chris Leak did it against Arkansas in 2004. Florida had more third down conversions than they have had in a game since 1996. The Gators rushed for 244 also, with freshman Lamichal Perine getting 105 of those yards.

And those are just a few notable highlights. What were some of your favorite moments from this week’s game?

The streak is often mentioned but it’s worth noting that Florida has beaten one team every year for three decades. That is insane. It’s the longest such streak in major college football between two teams that play annually. And Florida’s streak is the only such one currently ongoing. How far does Florida need to go to have the longest streak of consecutive wins over an opponent? 43 wins. That record is held by Notre Dame, who beat Navy 43 times from 1964 to 2006. (Florida is fourth on that all-time list with records of 32, 36, and 43 years ahead of them.)

We’ve seen the Gators struggle against less. I’m savoring this one this week.

And as always, this Weekly Open Thread is for any and all comments on any and all topics, with the rules of commenting decorum still applying.