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Florida vs. North Texas: Reviewing our 25 predictions

Still hovering around .500 for the season.

North Texas v Florida Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

It’s nice to look back at predictions and smile, even if the proportion of correct picks seems a little low.

  1. Florida will score at least 30 points. 32! Right.
  2. Florida will get to double figures in the first half. It was 19-0 at halftime. Right.
  3. Florida will lead by at least 10 points at halftime. ...I already said it was 19-0 at halftime. Are you paying attention? Right.
  4. Luke Del Rio will throw at least two touchdown passes. He threw zero. Wrong.
  5. Del Rio will not throw an interception. One of those, too. Wrong.
  6. Del Rio will not be the only Florida QB to throw a pass. Sadly, called it. Right.
  7. Mark Thompson will lead Florida in rushing yards. A couple of big runs helped him get to 85 yards. Right.
  8. Florida will have at least one carry for more than 30 yards. Thompson chugged for 36 yards on a third and 18. Right.
  9. Antonio Callaway will not play. Less sadly, called it. Right.
  10. Freshman wide receivers will combine for at least five catches. Josh Hammond had two and Freddie Swain had one. That’s three. Wrong.
  11. A Florida tight end will catch a touchdown pass. No one did! Wrong.
  12. Florida will make a big play on special teams. I don’t think a great punt in a shutout counts? Wrong.
  13. Caleb Brantley will record at least one tackle for loss. A safety on the second play from scrimmage made this one of the earliest right calls ever. Right.
  14. Jabari Zuniga will record at least one sack. He had two. Right.
  15. Alex Anzalone and Jarrad Davis will combine for more than 10 tackles. They had eight. Wrong.
  16. Anzalone will record at least half a sack. Zero sacks for Thor. Wrong.
  17. Teez Tabor will make a big play on defense. If him blowing a coverage is a big play, I don’t want to be right. Wrong.
  18. Florida will have at least one interception. Thanks, Marcell Harris! Right.
  19. Multiple North Texas quarterbacks will throw passes. Maybe poor Mason Fine would have wanted a breather, but... Wrong.
  20. North Texas will throw for fewer than 150 yards. North Texas gained fewer than 150 yards. Right.
  21. Florida’s defense will allow fewer than 5.0 yards per play. Florida’s defense allowed just over a yard per play. Right.
  22. Florida will force at least two turnovers. C’mon, everyone who isn’t Marcell Harris. Wrong.
  23. Florida will win the turnover battle. One takeaway, one giveaway. Wrong.
  24. Eddy Pineiro will make at least two field goals. Just the one. Wrong.
  25. Florida will win, 41-6. I was close on the margin! Wrong.

Last week: 13-for-25, 52 percent
Season to date: 37-for-75, 49 percent