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Steve Spurrier’s turn as Mr. Two Bits was fantastic

All is as it should be.

Florida dedicated the newly renamed Steve Spurrier-Florida Field on Saturday night, prior to the Gators’ season opener against Massachusetts, and gave Spurrier a microphone to thank a laundry list of figures for helping him have the career he’s had.

It also gave Spurrier his first chance to play the role originated by George Edmonson: Mr. Two Bits. He did so with as much enthusiasm as he could muster.

As Mr. Two Bits renditions go, that’s pretty darned good, though Spurrier failed to rev up the crowd with the “Let’s keep it rolling” gesture he famously did after a Terry Jackson touchdown against Florida State in the 1997 Sugar Bowl, something he teased during the week.

The Usain Bolt celebration afterward might have made up for it, though.

Spurrier’s reasoning for doing Bolt’s celebration wasn’t that Bolt is one of Gatorade’s greatest sponsored athletes ever. It was basically “Eh, screw it,” which is even better.

Arguably Florida’s greatest player and coach ever is back with the Gators, doing the exact things your incredibly spry grandfather does every summer at the reunion.

What could be better?