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Watch: Highlights from Florida’s 24-7 win over UMass

(Yes, there were highlights.)

UMass v Florida Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Admittedly, there were not very many true highlights in Florida’s 24-7 win over Massachusetts. Florida put out a highlight reel anyway, though, even if it has to start with a totally prosaic kickoff return to the 20.

Still, it’s very cool that the Gators had highlights — with Mick Hubert’s radio calls laid over the SEC Network broadcast, which is an improvement of orders of magnitude over much of the SEC Network broadcast — ready to go just over half an hour after the final whistle on Saturday night.

And there are fun things to watch in the highlights, too, despite how dismal that game felt in real time. Antonio Callaway not being covered by two UMass defensive backs! A genuinely good kick return by Callaway! A read option smothered on both counts! Everything Eddy Piñeiro did, even if Lee McGriff saying that he was “becoming a legend” was maybe a little much.