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Florida men’s basketball to wear black uniforms vs. Tennessee

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The Gators are blacking out for the first time in more than six years.

Florida’s men’s basketball team will wear black uniforms against Tennessee on Saturday, the team’s official Twitter account revealed on Wednesday.

That account had teased the reveal earlier in the day with a shot of black shoes, which Florida does not customarily wear.

Students in attendance on Saturday will be given black t-shirts emblazoned with Florida’s 2016-17 marketing slogan — a stylized “ONE” with the numeral 1 making up part of the N and E — in blue.

Florida’s men have not worn black uniforms in more than six years, dating back to a loss at Georgia in February 2010, with previous black versions of Florida’s regular uniforms made available for sale never getting used on the court. You can still buy a replica black jersey in Florida’s previous style from the official Gator Sportshop.

Florida’s women, on the other hand, have routinely worn black uniforms.

These uniforms, which will likely also be released for sale, differ from that previous style in their construction and at the shoulders, where Nike has rolled out a far narrower cut for many of its premier basketball schools since the late spring of 2016. Florida wore those narrower-cut Hyper Elite uniforms as it closed SEC play and into the NIT, and has continued to wear them — in blue, orange, and white — this fall.

If (when) Florida makes these black uniforms available for purchase, we’ll let you know.