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Florida vs. Texas A&M, Game Thread: The inflection point, once more

Don’t call it a crossroads.

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The cool thing about the uncool uniforms the Florida Gators will be wearing for their meeting with Texas A&M on this Saturday night (7 p.m., ESPN2 or WatchESPN) is that they’re basically camouflage, and so we can pretend we didn’t see this game if things go wrong.

Bad jokes aside, a game in which seemingly half of the players casual fans knew as of April are out — some for being fools, some after being injured by the savagery of football — and the Gators absolutely must have a win if they are to control their own destiny when it comes to “kick(ing) the door down” in Atlanta for the SEC Championship Game as promised would be one I’d dread all week even if not for the insistence on debuting uniforms that I find grotesque at best.

And I have dreaded this all week. I’m dreading Texas A&M putting up 14 points early and Florida — which has not trailed by 14 points since the fourth quarter of that game against Michigan, mind you — panicking as a result. I’m dreading what might happen if Florida’s running game can’t get going. I’m dreading Kellen Mond darting between tacklers and around end. I’m dreading what we’ll all be feeling if this is a loss — and what a loss might presage as this season progresses.

I would like my dread dispelled.

Can that happen? Please?

Go Gators.