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Texas A&M 19, Florida 17: Brownout leaves swamp-green Gators blue

Florida’s offense didn’t do enough to get a win despite a valiant effort by its defense. Again.

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Look, what the hell do you want me to write about Florida’s offense mustering only two touchdowns and a field goal on a team with a shaky defense and squandering a game-long lead despite Florida’s defense holding the explosive team on the other side of The Swamp 15 points under its seasonal scoring average?

You’ve seen this before, as have I. You’ve walked the path to Texas A&M 19, Florida 17, the path that led to Florida’s first 3-3 record in decades, in several recent years past, except the random walk has often produced wins before the losses.

Florida once again has an emaciated roster — it lost Jordan Sherit, quite possibly for the rest of his collegiate career, on Saturday — and an inexperienced, inconsistent quarterback, and good skill position talent on offense concentrated in too few bodies, and good special teams that still turn fatal on cruel occasions, and a defense that tries so hard for three hours and fails for about three minutes of them.

This is how Florida went 4-8 in 2013, but it’s also how Florida went 7-5 in 2014, and 10-4 in 2015, and 9-4 in 2016.

And at this point, it’s barely worth delineating the minimal ways Feleipe Franks diverges from Jeff Driskel or Treon Harris, or the degrees of difference between this 2017 defense and the 2014 one, or this offensive futility from that offensive futility.

The Florida Gators are who they are.

And as much as they tried to camouflage that on Saturday night, that truth stayed true.