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Florida vs. Georgia, Game Thread: Are we having fun yet?

A withering season comes to a party that might get crashed.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Can I be really, totally honest with you, ahead of of this Florida Gators game against the Georgia Bulldogs in Jacksonville?

This ain’t fun.

This season began with Florida coaches and players genuinely believing that they could be championship contenders. Then came a slew of suspensions and a reality check on football’s biggest stage. Then came a hurricane-prompted intermission. Then came a rally to win three games that most Florida fans steadfastly refused to enjoy, despite how stunning one of the wins was and how resilient the Gators were in the others.

And so it was no surprise that those fans found the next two games, ones in which Florida lost by a single point and two points at home — against a newly hated rival and in garish alternate uniforms — utterly intolerable.

The level of frustration in Florida’s fan base made Jim McElwain revealing death threats — cryptically, and at a terrible time, and without any detail — make sense as a possibility, even if he didn’t provide proof. The level of frustration in Florida’s fan base is unlikely to be rectified under McElwain’s eye.

The level of frustration in Florida’s fan base is something I deal with whenever I open Twitter, or read the comments on this website. The level of frustration in Florida’s fan base is poisonous and painful, even on otherwise good days.

This ain’t fun, y’all.

Florida might change that today, if it upsets Georgia in stunning fashion.

But I doubt that happens. And I fear this season will stay less than fun.

Go Gators. But go try to have some fun, too.