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Report: Jim McElwain still negotiating buyout with Florida

Not so fast, my friends?

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Early Sunday afternoon, multiple reports surfaced describing Florida Gators coach Jim McElwain as fired. A mid-afternoon report from Ed Aschoff of ESPN suggests that calling McElwain fired might be premature, and that he and Florida are still negotiating terms of his departure.

Florida officials are meeting with Jim McElwain on Sunday, and have asked him to accept less than his $12.76 million buyout and step down as the Gators' coach.

A Florida source told ESPN that McElwain has not been fired, despite reports, and that McElwain, athletic director Scott Stricklin and others were still meeting Sunday afternoon.

McElwain’s contract includes a buyout of $2.5 million per full year remaining on his deal — which, thanks to an offseason contract extension, runs for five more years, through the fall of 2022 — and the pro-rated salary remaining for the current year, which makes up the $260,000 or so above the $12.5 million he would be due for the next five years.

But a Saturday report from Aschoff held that Florida was trying to determine whether it could find cause to fire McElwain, whose baffling talk of death threats last Monday appears now to have touched off efforts by Florida to part ways with him, and thus escape all or some of its financial obligations to him. And even the threat of recouping some of that buyout through litigation might be enough to get both sides to come to a settlement both sides can agree on.