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Watch: Florida’s Randy Shannon gives first press conference as interim head coach

Will this help Florida more than we will ever know?

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

You know that the Florida Gators have four more games to play in 2017?

I know, I know: It can’t be true, right? But I checked the calendar, and there they are. Those games are really going to happen, it turns out, despite the season being over and the coach being fired and all of the other stuff in the world that currently seems more fun and interesting than watching the Gators play football.

Randy Shannon, newly installed as the Gators’ interim head coach in the wake of the firing of Jim McElwain, knows that, too, somehow. He talked about those four games and so much more in his first press conference as interim head coach on Monday.

Please do not do the thing with the body language you’ve been doing all year with McElwain. I beg of you, please don’t do that.

(Notes will go here when I’ve watched the presser, which happens when I’m done recovering from yesterday, which was ... a day. Did you see that baseball game? Woo, sports.)