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Early Signing Period 2017: LB David Reese signs with Florida Gators

And then there were two.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Florida
(Not this David Reese.)
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Two years after the signing of linebacker David Reese, the Florida Gators are once again celebrating the signing of linebacker David Reese.

This will absolutely not get confusing.

The younger Reese, a member of the high school class of 2018 from Vero Beach, signed with the Gators on Wednesday as part of the 2017 early signing period, and will join the elder Reese in Florida’s linebacking corps as of next year.

Tebow only knows how they’ll handle the uniforms.

The younger Reese is rated as a four-star prospect by the 247Sports Composite rankings, though just a three-star player per 247Sports. He is, at 6’2” and 215 pounds, a rangy sort of player probably best suited to the outside linebacker positions unless he bulks up significantly in Gainesville — which means that Florida could play him alongside the elder Reese, who served as one of Florida’s middle linebackers throughout 2017.

Definitely in no way likely to confuse fans or become announcers’ favorite tidbit, this.

The younger Reese committed to Florida in late July — we made a bunch of the same jokes then — and has been part of the Gators’ class since.

Reese is the 12th signee officially added to Florida’s class on Wednesday, and one of 14 (current) commitments in a class ranked No. 17 nationally.