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Merry Christmas, Alligator Army

We’re off today. Go be free, too.

South Alabama v Georgia Southern
(Yes, I know which team this is.)
Photo by Todd Bennett/Getty Images

Hi, y’all. Today’s Christmas.

Maybe — probably — you know that, given the whole of the Western world coming to a halt on Christmas to observe the war on Christmas religious and/or secular celebration of the holiday. (If you are just learning today what Christmas is: How may I come live under your rock?)

In that spirit, your Alligator Army brain trust (“brain” “trust”) is off celebrating and/or enduring the day with our families today — barring something extraordinarily newsworthy happening — and hopes that you, too, will be able to do the same in good health and cheer.

One gift I’d like to give you? Freedom from having to think about the Florida Gators for just one day. You can think about the Gators, sure — and I’d love to see some of your Gators gifts in the comments — but this is one day a year when you know no team is playing, and can be sure that Florida will not win, lose, or even compete in a manner which requires public comment on the Internet.

If you wanna not worry about how the Gators are going to squander all these new and excellent wide receivers in the 2018 offense? Don’t. If you want to not talk about Florida’s success vis-a-vis its rivals? Don’t.

Don’t let whatever joy or pain the Gators bring you color this day — unless you want to.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays — and, if you want, go Gators.