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James Robinson will not be medically cleared to play at Florida

Is a talented player’s career over before it even began?


Florida Gators freshman wide receiver James Robinson — one of the most talented and celebrated members of Florida’s 2017 recruiting class, and its most surprising inclusion — did not see the field this fall, first thanks to a suspension and then to a heart condition that kept him sidelined indefinitely.

No significant updates were ever provided by the school, coaches, or Robinson on his condition over the course of the season — there was a non-update in October, after Robinson underwent further testing — but it was hoped that Robinson might yet get to play for the Gators.

Sadly, that is a dream that has been dashed.

Speculation on that began based on what Robinson tweeted Friday afternoon.

Then, a couple of hours later, Florida confirmed the news through a tweeted statement: Robinson will not be medically cleared to play at Florida.

Robinson, a four-star recruit in the 2017 class, was thought of as a potential impact freshman this fall, despite his scheduled summer enrollment being delayed by academic issues and a handful of off-the-field issues. (Robinson was arrested on a recruiting trip to Ohio State in January and cited in Gainesville in August, both times for possession of marijuana.) When he finally enrolled and arrived at fall practice, it was a celebratory day for Florida’s program and fan base.

But Robinson never got the opportunity to do what he had so clearly yearned for this fall — and may never get that opportunity, at Florida or anywhere. And now we must hope that what happens to his dream — not just one deferred, but one dashed — takes him on a path as well-paved as the one before him as of this spring.