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Friday Forum: As more Florida teams swing into action, what do you want to read?

How much coverage of the undercovered sports is enough?

Florida Lacrosse Stadium

Ah, February. It’s spring again. Sort of.

This weekend marks the beginning of the season for two Florida Gators teams — lacrosse and softball — that are “spring” sports, in that their seasons largely play out over the spring months. (Pay no mind to the fact that the NCAA Tournaments in men’s and women’s basketball -- “winter” sports — routinely conclude in April, and sometimes take place entirely after the vernal equinox, or to the majority of the College World Series taking place after the summer solstice in a city where the heat ain’t playing.)

That means that 13 Florida teams — including two No. 1 teams, five top-three teams, seven top-five teams, and nine top-five teams, none of which are the Gators men’s basketball team that is currently trouncing even its better foes — will be officially in competition as of the end of this weekend, with Florida’s baseball team becoming the 14th active winter/spring team next weekend.

That is a slew of teams, each with its own cast of players to celebrate and book of stories to tell, and I can promise you that if I could clone myself at least 13 times, I would love to follow and report on each of those teams as assiduously as I try to follow and report on football and men’s basketball, the two sports that I am contractually obligated to cover at Alligator Army.

I don’t have that technology, though, and I don’t have the time in the day to give every one of those sports its fair due during the course of a given day, week, or weekend. I never have, even though I think I’ve often done good work to cover them when I can.

But the other truth of the matter is that the all-sports roundups and occasional dips into in-depth coverage of Florida teams that don’t always play on CBS and ESPN do not drive conversation and traffic here like even garden-variety football coverage does. And while I think it can take a thousand words — and have taken multiple thousands of words — just to cover the events of a given weekend for the Everything School, time I spend on those sports is time I am not allocating to other things that might draw more eyeballs or generate more discussion or so forth.

I have plans for this spring, and I think adding more writers — we’re still doing that, yes — will help us ramp up coverage. What I want to know, as ever, is what you want.

So tell me in the comments, please: What sorts of all-sports coverage of the Florida Gators that don’t use the gridiron do you expect and want from Alligator Army?