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Audio: Discussing Florida basketball with SB Nation Radio, Bob Kemp

Ever wanted to hear someone ramble about the Gators for 20 minutes? Today is your lucky day!

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NCAA Basketball: Texas A&M at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With the Florida Gators men’s basketball team steaming toward a Saturday showdown with the Kentucky Wildcats and a top seed in the NCAA Tournament, people across the country are taking notice. Some of those people have sports radio shows, and were kind enough to have me on the air on Friday to pontificate about Mike White’s program.

First, I spoke with Tony Desiere of SB Nation Radio.

Then, I got on the line with Bob Kemp of NBC Sports Radio affiliate AM 1060 in Phoenix.

Among the topics discussed in both interviews: How Florida has returned to national prominence under White after the departure of Billy Donovan, what the Gators do on defense that makes them so good, how unselfishness and balance are among this team’s truly outstanding qualities, and how far Florida can go in the NCAA Tournament — if it meets the sorts of teams it wants to see.

I always enjoy doing these radio spots, and I hope you will enjoy listening to them, too.