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Florida’s Devin Robinson (and his short shorts) show out at NBA Scouting Combine

We knew D-Rob has ups. But maybe not like this.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - First Round - Orlando Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Florida Gators forward Devin Robinson was known for many things during his collegiate career. Among them: Sky-scraping dunks, feathery threes, and show-stopping blocks.

Oh, and short shorts. Devin Robinson wears short shorts.

So it really isn’t a surprise that he showed up to the NBA Draft Combine wearing short shorts — just that the ones he donned were somehow even shorter than usual.

Compare those pictures to this one from the NCAA Tournament, and it’s also clear that Robinson picked shorts with an even higher hem than usual for action in Chicago, revealing an expanse of thigh to rival those bared by John Stockton and others from bygone eras.

Kim Klement / USA TODAY Sports

Robinson’s shorts have long been an endearing facet of his game, to the point that Florida made sure to — I guess this is bragging about them? Or about him? — late last week.

More importantly, though, the short shorts did not prevent Robinson from impressing with his talent.

Robinson clocked in with the lowest body fat percentage — a microscopic 3.2 percent — of any player in attendance, and also posted the second-best vertical leap on a 41.5-inch jump.

Robinson’s measurements in general likely helped him substantially. While he only stood 6’7” without shoes, his hands were among the largest in the 67-player pool, and his standing reach of 8’10” isn’t far off the largest for a small forward in league history. For reference, LeBron James had a standing reach of 8’10.25” in 2003, per DraftExpress.

Robinson did perform relatively poorly in agility drills, and his lack of lateral quickness will likely be one of the major knocks on his game as the Draft approaches. But he almost certainly solidified himself as a second-round pick in Chicago, taking advantage of the part of the pre-Draft process elite prospects are increasingly skipping by competing and scoring at least one interview with the Miami Heat.

He probably didn’t wear short shorts to that. Probably.