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Watch: Five-star Florida target Justin Fields discusses his game

Fields also wants to visit Florida again soon.

Five-star Georgia quarterback Justin Fields is a big-time Florida Gators target in the 2018 recruiting class — the big-time Florida target in that class, in all probability — and is in attendance at Nike’s The Opening in Oregon this weekend.

SB Nation caught up with Fields and queried him about his game and style in the interview above, also asking what he listens to before games. (Unsurprisingly, Fields says he has some hip-hop in his ears, but also says he prays before every game.)

Fields also told SB Nation that he thinks South Florida speedster Anthony Schwartz and tight end Kyle Pitts will eventually commit to the Gators, predictions that jive with much of the conventional wisdom on both prospects.

Fields told SB Nation that he wants to get back to his top five schools — Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, Florida State — soon, and he remains likely to commit prior to his senior season, though rumors of imminent commitments that have swirled this summer seem unlikely to be realized with such a pledge.

Fields will be a cornerstone for whichever recruiting class he joins — he’s a top-five prospect nationally, and considered the best quarterback prospect in this 2018 class.