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Florida’s season tickets tell fans to wear orange, blue, and white

There are some plans for fans on this year’s stubs.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With the college football season just more than a month away, it’s high time for teams to start mailing out season tickets. Those ducats rewarding bearers with entrance to The Swamp seem to be arriving — and they tell Florida Gators fans not just where their seats are located, but what to wear to the games.

That’s the new info located in the bottom right corner of this year’s season tickets, as you can see in this image from friend of the blog @GatorRyan, edited for privacy.

The seven tickets are all color-coded, with Northern Colorado in white — for Florida’s “first” white-out — and the six other tickets in some version of orange, blue, or both. Squint — or open the image, whichever — and you can see the direction to “Wear ______” in the corner of each ticket.

The actual in the last six colors are more or less predictable, with Tennessee, UAB, and Florida State all getting blue, Vanderbilt and Texas A&M getting orange. The exception is LSU meriting a “Wear Orange/Blue” that would work well with either the orange uniforms that Florida wore in its dramatic win in Baton Rouge last year, the blue uniforms that Florida traditionally wears at home, or some combination of orange and blue.

And, of course, what fans wear will inevitably be connected to what the team wears.

Obviously, telling fans to wear a color to a given game does not necessarily mean a team will don uniforms of that color. But as Florida has ramped up its fan outreach via social media, and launched initiatives like calling for a white-out, small details like these have consistently seemed to factor into the decision-making. And I’m pretty sure Florida realizes that many fans have enjoyed the Gators wearing (relatively) exotic uniform combinations under Jim McElwain, and that wearing different duds is a great way to generate speculation and excitement in the fan base.

Swamping Tennessee or stymieing LSU for the second straight year would be cool no matter what Florida wears in such a win, sure. But getting fans revved up to stripe The Swamp or see Florida’s all-white uniforms at home might make such wins more memorable to some — and don’t think that Florida’s brain trust doesn’t know it’s in the business of making memories.