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Watch: Florida president Dr. Kent Fuchs dunks on Gorjok Gak

Another satisfying dunk for Fuchs this week.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - East Regional - South Carolina v Florida Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

I have to say: I didn’t really think Dr. W. Kent Fuchs would do something better than staking out vital turf in denying a white nationalist group’s request to speak at the University of Florida, but then the university’s president went and dunked on Florida Gators big man Gorjok Gak in a video later set to “Upper Echelon.”

Again: This is a sexagenarian white man dunking on a 6’11” guy from South Sudan by way of Australia on a mini-hoop, all set to a beat from a song produced in part by two rapper/producers currently married to or dating members of the Kardashian/Jenner family. In 2017, we’re through the looking glass in more ways than one.

Obviously, Dr. Fuchs doing the shoulder ... I guess that’s a shrug? ... after the dunk is great, but I think Florida men’s basketball coach Mike White really has to be worried about Kevarrius Hayes setting Gak up for the dunk. What kind of teammate does that!?