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Florida vs. Michigan: Gators brand themselves ready in hype video

A week of heat may forge these Gators.


Despite a week in which two more suspensions left fans stewing and fretting on social media, the Florida Gators do, in fact, plan to play a football game on Saturday.

It’s against Michigan, it’s in the 2017 AdvoCare Classic, and it’s one that the Gators are keen to tell you they are ready for, doing so in a Friday hype video that embraces the Texas-sized stage they will occupy smack in the middle of this college football season’s first full week of competition.

The video is conspicuously devoid of shots spotlighting any of the players who won’t be wearing “flooded blue” in Dallas on Saturday, meaning that it was probably worked over this week, and is heavy on defensive highlights, history, and that one time the Gators beat LSU in Baton Rouge on a goal-line stop in a game that would have been played in Gainesville if not for a hurricane and was played about a month after many, many fans called the Gators “scared.”

This Saturday’s game certainly has many of the same markers that November trip to Death Valley did. And against the Wolverines, the Gators will have another opportunity to make another part of the college football landscape a little more like The Swamp.