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Florida vs. Tennessee: How to watch, TV time, streaming, and more

In case you need to figure out how to find CBS. Or something.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When the Florida Gators play their second game of the 2017 season against the Tennessee Volunteers on Saturday in a 3:30 p.m. game on CBS — taking the national stage in the mid-afternoon for the second time in as many contests, thanks to Hurricane Irma cancelling what was to be Florida’s home opener last week against Northern Colorado — you will probably be able to turn on the television and find it on CBS, so long as your television provider is providing you with television.

That’s not true for everyone in Florida, of course, given that a hurricane came and took the creature comforts of millions but the lives and homes of blessedly far fewer. So some folks will watch via the streaming service CBS Sports provides. I’ll probably be one of them.

Google rules the world and is fighting a cold war with Facebook — which is busy staving off criticism about allowing some really hateful advertising, just a month after Google and ProPublica, responsible for that investigation into Facebook’s ad practices, partnered to index hate crimes — so here are a few more paragraphs to help get this post to the length necessary for indexing in Google search.

It’s September! Probably, you know this. Probably, you even know that September is the ninth month despite “septem” being Latin for seven because it was originally the seventh month in a 10-month Julian calendar. You may not know that the first four months of that calendar — March, April, May, and June — were all named for things other than numbers, followed by the makers apparently getting lazy and going back to numbers for Quintilis — the fifth month — and beyond, and that it was Quintilus that was renamed for Julius Caesar.

(Consider, for a moment, that we call our months their names thanks to the dudes who made up the names for them about two thousand years ago using two different naming systems for a 10-month calendar, then keeping those names despite a shift to a 12-month calendar and one important dude dying and getting a month named after him. It would be like the people of Earth in 4000 A.D. — reminder: we also mark time based on the life and death of someone people think was the son of God — having a calendar with a month named Trumpet or something.)

You may not know that Skyrim, the fifth game in the wildly popular Elder Scrolls series of role-playing games, uses “septims” as currency — or that it takes its name from the Septim Empire, also known as the Third Empire, which takes its name from a guy named Tiber Septim, whose name is obviously derived partly from the Tiber River and the “septem” root despite the Elder Scrolls games not really having a perfect correlation to Rome. In fact, the designers of the game could have given their characters and empires and currency literally any names, because that’s what creating fiction allows — and they still decided to echo Rome, like we all do.

Skyrim is cool and good and all, but you can also read, for example, Octavia Butler — born in the Roman month named after Juno, named in the same tradition as the eighth-turned-tenth month of the Julian calendar — if you want fiction that has the courage to turn the world on its head.

Anyway: Football! Yay!

How to watch, listen, and stream

Where: Steve Spurrier-Florida Field at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Gainesville, Florida / Titletown
Kickoff time: 3:30 p.m. Eastern
Radio: Florida Gators radio affiliates
Online Streaming: CBS Sports
Live Stats: Sidearm Stats