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Florida vs. Tennessee: The post-game exuberance thread

If you’re happy and you know it - comment below!

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There is a recap of Florida’s stunning victory over Tennessee, and there will surely be more analysis of the game and more opportunity to review what transpired today.

But, in light of the Gators’ offense actually scoring offensive touchdowns this week, and in the wake of those same Gators shaking off week one’s lackluster loss to Michigan, we wanted to give Alligator Army commenters a place to celebrate together - since there is definitely something to celebrate this evening.

Gator Nation was on edge after the opener, and then Hurricane Irma disrupted and damaged much of the state. Florida, the state and the team, were in need of a cathartic release.

Tennessee v Florida Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Tyrie Cleveland coming down with Feleipe Franks’ game-winning touchdown toss was certainly that. (View it from field level, too. Trust me.)

This is an open thread of sorts, but normal rules of commenting decorum still fully apply here. Like our vent threads, you can be banned for wishing harm on others, personally attacking others, and/or the garden variety racist/sexist/awful stuff that would get you otherwise banned — but keep in mind that this is a celebration thread. We can’t stop you from being negative, and we won’t ban you exclusively for that, but you absolutely can be mocked for it.

So, go crazy, Gator fans. We have something to be happy about tonight.

Florida beat rival Tennessee.

At home.

On a last play 63-yard Hail Mary.

If you can’t find some joy in that win, or in that play, I really question what you can find joy in.

Let’s get to celebrating.