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Florida vs. Michigan: How to watch, TV time, streaming, and more

In case you need to figure out how to find ABC. Or something.

Outback Bowl - Florida v Iowa Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

The Florida Gators play the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday in the 2017 AdvoCare Classic at AT&T Stadium — or “JerryWorld,” the playplace/shrine of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones — in Texas, and it’s literally the primary game on the national broadcast network best known for airing early-season inter-conference clashes.

But we all must feed the beast known as Google, so here are a few paragraphs to pad this post out to the length that allows our machine overlords to serve it to the people who genuinely need help finding the game on their television dials.

Specifically, let’s talk about television dials. Basically every Florida (and Michigan) player on the field on this Saturday is too young to recall a time when televisions came with either antennae or dials — I’m not, because I’m both the world’s oldest 27-year-old and the son of parents who managed to keep many of their appliances from the ‘80s in working order into my lifetime — but the point of the dials was to help bring in the signal from the various frequencies broadcast by the networks that existed before cable television came into vogue.

This is, of course, how we got the phrase “Don’t touch that dial” — i.e., don’t leave our station or mess up your signal — but not really where we get the term “dial up.” That, of course, is from rotary phone dials, which are perhaps even more lost to history than the television’s analog dial — but “dial up” lives on as a synonym for “call” ... and it has somehow become code in football for selecting a play, especially a dramatic one like a deep pass or a blitz. You may also hear about players being “dialed in” — especially focused — on any given Saturday or Sunday, something that probably comes from TV tuning.

I think I have now written enough in this post to be edifying for someone who typed “what channel florida michigan” into a magic tool on a magic pocket-sized computer to find a way to view a crystal-clear high-definition signal of a college football game — perhaps, even, as an online stream while picnicking in the middle of a field.

You can do that at WatchESPN, by the way.

How to watch, listen, and stream

Where: AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas / #Chompville
Kickoff time: 3:30 p.m. Eastern
Radio: or Florida Gators radio affiliates
Online Streaming: WatchESPN
Live Stats: Stat Broadcast