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Florida slides to No. 21 in AP poll; rises to No. 20 in coaches’ poll

One poll thinks slightly less of the Gators this week, while the other thinks slightly more.

Florida v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

This week’s Associated Press poll drops the Florida Gators one spot to No. 21, while the newly released coaches’ poll finds the Gators up rising two places to No. 20 after their 28-27 comeback win over the Kentucky Wildcats.

Florida remains one of six SEC teams ranked in both polls. Alabama retains their top spot in both polls after absolutely dismantling Vanderbilt. Georgia’s showing against Mississippi State launches them into the top-ten (No. 7 in AP; No. 8 in coaches’), Auburn remains in the top-15 in both polls (No. 13 in AP; No. 15 in coaches’) after shellacking Missouri, and Mississippi State (No. 24 in both) and LSU (No. 25 in AP; No. 22 in coaches’) bring up the rear for the conference in the rankings.

The top-five teams in the country remain Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Penn State, and USC - in that order, for the second week in a row.

As of the present polling, the Gators are still scheduled to meet two or three more ranked teams this season - depending on which poll you consult. Florida opened with a loss to No. 8/7 Michigan and defeated a then-ranked Tennessee team. The Gators have yet to face the aforementioned Georgia Bulldogs and LSU Tigers, and will also meet Florida State in their finale. The 0-2 Seminoles were bounced from the AP poll after their home opening loss to NC State but are hanging on to the No. 25 spot in the coaches’ poll.

How do you feel about Florida’s present placement in the polls? It’s interesting, I suppose, to note that the Gators’ nail-biter caused them to drop slightly in one poll and rise slightly in the other. Do any of the other rankings seem out of place to you? Tell us in the comments!