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Jim McElwain, Gators discuss Florida’s win over Vanderbilt

“Let’s go enjoy this. It’s fun to win.”

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jim McElwain met with the media this afternoon after the Florida Gators’ offensively efficient 38-24 win over Vanderbilt.

You can view the press conference in its entirety at the link below.

Here are some of the quotes from McElwain’s post-game presser:

  • McElwain noted that the defensive communication was not great, but that the unit did manage to make some stops.
  • Luke Del Rio is done for the year. He will have surgery on Monday on his collarbone.
  • McElwain says he felt horrible for Del Rio; notes players rallied around Feleipe Franks when he went in.
  • On the run game: “I thought our guys ran hard, and the guys up front are starting to get it. At the end, I thought we wore on them pretty good.”
  • Looking ahead: “Obviously they’re going to load the box next week with the best players there are, and we’re going to have our work cut out for us.”
  • On the offensive line specifically: “I think they got a little confidence the week before in that fourth quarter and kind of decided, yes we can. And it was good to see that.”
  • McElwain praises the team for not letting the negatives get to them.
  • Franks had a good week of practice, but was “obviously disappointed” when Del Rio was given the start.
  • More on Franks: “And yet, he knew his time was not done by any stretch of the imagination,” and “I know how driven he is to be great.”
  • Asked about the status of Tyrie Cleveland, who left with an injury: “I don’t know if he’ll go this week. Time will tell.”
  • On the defensive issues: “I’m sure the people next week are going to be licking their chops ready to throw the ball.” I particularly enjoyed him calling LSU “the people next week.”
  • Asked about Brandon Powell: “I don't think he was himself today,” noting that he had injured ribs.
  • On Keivonnis Davis, who was hospitalized after a scooter accident: “I was able to go see him. I just really feel for him. He’s beat up pretty good, had a couple surgeries already. Nothing life threatening." Davis is presently suspended as a member of the notorious nine. McElwain said that Davis was hit by a car while driving his scooter on Tuesday night.
  • He began his comments on K. Davis with “Guys, I tell you, those scooters.”
  • On the offense being the ones to pick up the defense’s slack today: “That’s the way it should be.”

Quarterback Feleipe Franks and running back Lamical Perine also spoke to the media after Florida’s win.

Franks’ and Perine’s press conferences can be viewed at the links below:

Here are just a few brief notes on their comments:

  • Franks wrote “Luke” on his left wrist at halftime - "All you can do is pray for him."
  • Franks on losing the starting job: “You don't want it to happen, but you want the team to win at all times.”
  • Franks: “Eventually we're going to break that wall down and be a good team.”
  • Perine on Malik Davis: “Now the nation should know who he is.”