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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. LXIV

It’s been a while.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, y’all. Long time, no ... Weekly Open Thread?

Anyway: Stuff has happened since last we convened.

The Florida Gators have won all of the basketball games played by Florida’s dudes, and some of the ones played by women. The lion’s share of a recruiting class committed, and a couple of key transfers picked the Gators. Florida played for a national championship in volleyball. Florida State was made to explain exactly why its win over FCS Delaware State actually, truly counted toward its bowl eligibility by reporting originally published on Reddit. Players have declared for the NFL Draft and declared their intentions to stay in Gainesville — we’ll have a tracker for those later today. I spent about three weeks preparing to host and hosting family whom I love dearly and perpetually struggle to work around. Spring seasons have started for sports that we care about even if we’re not always writing words about them. Dante Fowler and Deonte Thompson figured prominently in the last drive of perhaps the worst NFL playoffs game I’ve ever seen. The president of the United States tweeted a thinly-veiled brag about the size of his penis that happened to involve nuclear weapons.

You know, normal stuff.

What’s been up with you? What would you like to read, and/or read more of, around here? What questions do you have about Alligator Army, the Gators, the universe, barbecue, etc.?

We have some catching up to do. Let’s do it.