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Watch: Florida DB Brad Stewart’s game-sealing pick-six ignites The Swamp

You wanna hear nearly 90,000 people lose their minds at once?

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida-LSU rivalry has turned on so, so many big plays in recent years.

Tim Tebow’s jump pass. LSU’s fake field goal. Brad Wing’s fake punt. Matt Elam’s forced fumble. Florida stopping Derrius Guice with the game on the line.

Saturday brought another — maybe the most dramatic in The Swamp.

With LSU trailing by a single point and trying to drive to win the game, Florida defensive back Brad Stewart — who’s played safety and corner for a young and injury-racked Gators secondary — read a throw by Joe Burrow perfectly, stepped in front of it, and sprinted for six.

And The Swamp all but exploded.

My favorite part of this? As Stewart runs with the ball, you can see the crowd rise and exult almost in unison ... with the notable exception of LSU’s band, which seems shocked.

That band did manage to play over only Florida’s time-honored playing of “We Are the Boys” between the third and fourth quarters this year, instead of stepping on the Gators playing “I Won’t Back Down” as tribute to Tom Petty as they did a year ago.

Still, I can’t say I’m sad that they’ll go home unhappy — and it sure is fitting that Stewart, a New Orleans native who picked the Gators over his home-state Tigers, was the specific Florida player who got to paint frowns on those faces