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Florida vs. LSU, The Rewind: Watch the Gators’ win over the Tigers again

In play-cut, condensed, and highly stylized versions.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida Gators’ win over the Louisiana St. Tigers last weekend sure was cool.

Wanna watch it again?

As ever, thanks to libgator for his invaluable work in condensing Florida’s games for the first three videos here.

Offensive Plays

Defensive Plays

All Plays

And when you’re done with watching the three videos above — or if, I dunno, you’ve already watched the game like three times on your DVR and don’t need to watch it again on YouTube — you might want to check out this week’s Florida-produced Gator Rewind, which leli linked in this morning’s Chomping at Bits, but which I figured I’d throw in here..

Gator Rewind


  • A snippet of Tim Tebow’s pregame speech, in which he says, “perseverance, hard work, determination, discipline — I don’t think any of those exist” before making an equally incoherent point about passion and effort being the heart of playing football well. Sure thing, Timmy. You never made any speeches about no one working as hard as you, right?
  • Fred Johnson tapping the RELENTLESS EFFORT sign in the tunnel leading to the field.
  • Vosean Joseph running down Joe Burrow like a lion(ess, y’all know the lions don’t hunt).
  • A really cool camera angle from what I presume is the wing wall that shows sort of a diagonal all-22 perspective on the field.
  • Including a clip of Dan Mullen telling the locker room “We get the ball (first) in the second half, let’s go down there and score” ... and then showing nothing from that drive, which ended in the terrible Feleipe Franks pick in the end zone.
  • Perfect angles on the “Throwback” play from Lucas Krull to Franks.
  • A shot of the lead-up to Burrow’s pick to Brad Stewart that shows Joseph leaping a blocker on the play. I’d have thrown a pick, too!
  • Tebow’s postgame speech, with the “In every fight, there’s someone that flinches — and if that’s never you, you never lose” line that sounds very good ... and words buying into Mullen’s concept of “strain” that kinda sound like a belief in hard work to me?