let's discuss the football roster, and who might leave it this season :(

saw a tweet on saturday that piqued my interest:

this guy's a good follow, btw.

anyways, with the roster theoretically full, it's time to look at who may leave following the bowl, either to enter the draft or move on to another institution of higher learning. most folks are saying the class will probably end up around 23-25 recruits, meaning 7-9 departures would be required at a minimum

note that this is just my opinion, and is based on no insider heat whatsoever. also, subject to change if anyone who may enter the draft suffers some type of injury in the bowl game. from the following, i think we'll see all of the "likelies" happen, a handful of the "maybes" and none of the "what the hecks"

likely to leave:

  • chauncey gardner-johnson: he's a super-confident guy, and i have no doubt he'll enter the draft
  • jachai polite: he's getting lots of national buzz, and i don't think another year would earn him anything else in terms of stock upgrades
  • jordan scarlett: given the apparent mullen tendency to platoon running backs, i don't think he'd be able to blow up the stat sheet by returning for another year. with the nfl shelf-life on rbs being pretty short, i think he'll jump
  • antonneous clayton: i believe he saved his redshirt by rarely getting in the game this year. if he's close enough to graduation, he could head elsewhere and have two years to get on the field
could leave, maybe:
  • jabari zuniga: he's a bit larger than polite, and stood out in some games this season. i think if he gets a fair grade from the draft people, it's time to go. on the flip side, maybe being without polite and jefferson would let him shine even more brightly next season
  • van jefferson: he looks nfl-ready and might be ready to go, but he didn't get a huge number of touches this season to raise that stock. might hang out
  • lamical perine: seems to be as or more effective as a runner when compared to scarlett, but might be less good in pass pro and doesn't seem to get the national attention that scarlett does. i think if he gets a draftable grade he should go, but i dunno how those weirdos evaluate prospects
  • nick smith: missed last season, not sure if he played this season, his position is about to be swamped with superstar recruits. transfer's possible
  • lacedrick brunson: see above. not sure what his transfer destinations would be, so he may just decline any polite transfer invitations from the staff, though.
  • c.j. mcwilliams: looks like we're looking for 4 or 5 corners in this class. with hill, steele and/or elam, one more guy and kimbrough, plus marco back in the fold, i'm not confident he'd see the field next season. as a rs-so, he might be able to finish up his degree in the next semester or two and grad transfer
  • daquon green: former 4-star recruit turned forgotten man on this roster has one catch this season. i could totally understand him seeking more pt elsewhere
unlikely, but what the heck:
  • jawaan taylor (ot): he's been a pretty solid tackle, and might think about going pro. seems like another season with hevesy would really benefit his game, though.
  • tyrie cleveland: he'd probably get drafted on skills/potential alone, but with a broken collarbone and not world-beating stats, might make sense for him to stick around as a senior
  • swain/hammond: i think they'll stay, but you never know
  • david reese: difference maker on our defense, seems to be super football smart, maybe lacks that nfl speed. i think he'll stick around and be a senior leader for all of those all-world freshman around him next year
  • kyle trask: maybe he decides florida is cursed and keeps injuring him every time he gets the chance to play, so he seeks playtime elsewhere?
  • harry gornto v: nfl scouts have been salivating over the chance to draft this hybrid qb/te for years, but his loyalty to the gators means he'll likely return for his redshirt senior campaign
so, there it is. let me know what you agree or disagree with, and please include a personal attack about my hygiene to drive the point home

go gata

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