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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. LXXV

Okay, let’s be honest: Who do you want and why?

NCAA Football: Missouri at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

First off: Today is Election Day here in this country most of us call home. If you’re anywhere within the known universe, you probably don’t need me to tell you that. And while, if you’ve spent more than six minutes reading Alligator Army over the years, you can probably guess my own political leanings pretty easily, you definitely don’t need me to tell you who and what you should vote for, so I’ll refrain from that.

But I do want to reiterate to you that you should vote. Vote if your candidates are bad. Vote if your candidates are good. Vote if you don’t know that dog racing is on the ballot in Florida. Vote if the anti-vaping amendment is the reason you’re going to the polls. Vote if you have to find your absentee ballot to turn it in at the polls. Vote if you have to Google your precinct and take time out of your commute home to do it.

Just friggin’ vote. Be heard. Be part of the American franchise of democracy.

Okay? Okay.

Second: In your moments today that aren’t devoted to you potentially making the best choice of bad choices, I want to know what you would do about Florida’s quarterback situation as it stands right now, if you were in Dan Mullen’s shoes.

Are you staying the course with Feleipe Franks despite his many limitations and struggles? Are you toggling to Kyle Trask and hoping he bumps up Florida’s efficiency? Do you call the competition between the two in practice a full-on competition and start the person who impresses most this week? Do you rev up Emory Jones’s reps as a third-stringer and make sure he’s ready to relieve whomever starts?

Be as detailed and creative as you want to be, because I, for once, actually care about how you would and wouldn’t do things differently from Florida’s coach — partly because I’m not sure I would be doing things differently, myself, and want other eyes and minds to spot what I’m missing.

Finally: You may or may not know this — if you read Chomping at Bits, surely you do — but Florida’s men’s and women’s basketball seasons both start tonight.

The SB Nation requirement for football and men’s basketball games is that we get up a preview post, a game thread, and a recap around that game. For years, I’ve combined the preview and game thread for men’s basketball, partly based on very, very few people seeming to comment on men’s basketball around these parts, especially in previews, unless the game itself is a big game or football season is over.

I’m toying with the idea of scrapping that for this year, writing fully-fledged previews that run during the day of games (or even, in some cases, the day before), and keeping the game threads brief and publishing them right before tipoff. (I probably won’t be doing that for this game tonight, even though it’s against Florida State, because it’s nigh impossible to write a preview based on teams that have turned over as much as college basketball teams do.) But if I’m going to do that, it’ll be based on those previews actually getting read and discussed before the games themselves.

So if you see one of those, and you care enough to read it beforehand, drop in and say something, maybe — or don’t, and give me the feedback that combining the preview with the game thread is perfectly fine.