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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. LXXIX

Keeping up with housekeeping is also essential.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Housekeeping updates!

  • Instead of “a fair few pieces on recruiting that go into Florida’s situation(s) in depth” that I wanted to put together for last week, we published one. More is coming this week, possibly including a review of this weekend, but I make no specific promises on that.
  • Did not end up previewing the basketball games separately from their Game Threads last week. Did not write the weekly piece, either. The latter, at least, is probably coming this week, but I do not think there is another basketball game big enough to merit its own standalone preview this month.
  • We are now 19 days from Florida’s final football game of the 2018 season. That means we’re going to have only that much time to preview a third game against Michigan since New Year’s Day in 2016 (again, yawn) or review the 2018 season. Would you rather read previews or reviews? And would you rather read me dunking on other teams (hi, UCF) over either one of those?
  • Yes, we are still looking for contributors — again, even in (meagerly) paid roles, if you can regularly contribute quality stuff — and, yes, I would like apologize to the applicants whom I said I would get in touch by the end of last week for not doing that. I am terrible at email, but will be spending some quality time with my inbox this week.
  • Feel free — freer than usual, even — to use this comments section for whatever this week. There literally is not a single Gators sporting event on any weekday this week, so we have some time and space to stretch.