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Friday Forum: How should Florida schedule going forward?

How the Gators pick their foes has been much-discussed of late. How about we talk about it some more?

University of Florida Introduces Dan Mullen Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

I am not sure there has ever been as much discussion of how the Florida Gators schedule as there has been over the past couple of weeks.

Thanks to the College Football Playoff Selection Committee failing to break rules to make a Florida-UCF Peach Bowl a reality and Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin calling UCF athletic director — and brother of Florida basketball coach Mike White — Danny White on his subsequent bluff of wanting to play big-time teams last week, we have had all manner of discussion about Florida playing UCF in the future this December.

Thanks to a Twitter poke at Miami in the wake of defensive coordinator Manny Diaz leaving for Temple and the Thursday announcement of modifications to the already-set Florida-USF series that will take place over much of the early portion of the 2020s, I have also seen second and third rounds of jabs about Florida and its various in-state foes.

So I figure this is as good a time as any to ask: What does the ideal Florida schedule look like to you? And how would you fill out or augment future Gators schedules if you had all the power Stricklin possesses?

I have my own thoughts, and I will be sharing them later today in the comments, but I want you to be detailed, thorough, and (mostly) realistic in your thinking. If Florida is playing UCF in your imaginary future, I want to know where those games will happen, and when. If you have Florida appearing in a big season-opening game, I want to know how you are balancing that with the rest of the schedule. And if you have the Gators going far afield for a home-and-home series with some other program, I want a good justification for it.

For a day, the calendar is yours. How will you fill it out?