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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. LXXX

Yes, yet more housekeeping.

South Carolina v Florida Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Actually, this one is about as much apology as housekeeping.

This week is obviously a big week for Florida, with the most important day in regards to recruiting all year coming on Wednesday at the opening of the Early Signing Period, the Gators — and most of the rest of the country — sign the lion’s share(s) of their 2019 class(es).

And we will be covering that here, no worries.

But we also have lives outside of Alligator Army to live, and that sometimes means getting a new laptop up and running after six years of using an old and dying one, or preparing for and actually accommodating family around the holidays. And real life is going to help keep our posting here somewhat limited outside of a ton on Wednesday, the contractually obligated threads and recaps for Florida men’s basketball games this week, and open threads for a fair few of the bowls. Until further notice, expect a post or two per day outside of those staples at the absolute most. (And next weekend is liable to be as light as ever.)

I am confident that you will be well-informed and edified by our recruiting coverage on Wednesday, and that returning to those well-received Recruiting Reviews once we have the time to do them (, uh, maybe in January, or at least after the bowl?) will be fun for us all. But, again, over the next several days, our time is likely going to be spent on prepping for what happens in two days and dealing with the real world beyond this gig — so, like, pardon the dust on either side of Wednesday, okay?

Apart from that: Yes, we will eventually be writing about the agonizingly stupid Florida-UCF debate that has consumed far too much oxygen this month — that’s a promise, even if it is a painful one to make — and yes, as ever, I want to know what is on your mind in the comments. Do share!